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It doesn’t matter whether your teeth need serious treatment or you are dreaming of a smile straight from a movie. Medental Clinic in Mielec is a place where we will always listen to you, understand your needs and surround you with the best possible medical care. Why am I saying this with such certainty? Because our staff is constantly striving for perfection, increasing their qualifications and implementing the most modern, most effective methods of treatment. We are a team of perfectly complementing professionals who appreciate the importance of interpersonal communication. That is why we can offer you an individual treatment plan tailored to your needs. We want you to become our partner during your treatment! Being aware of the dynamically developing field of dentistry, we have decided on a model in which each of our doctors deals with the section that interests them the most, so that they have the opportunity to maximally deepen their knowledge in the chosen field. We have come to the conclusion that this is the best way for you to feel safe in our hands. Your smile– our joy!

Our mission is to provide treatment that results in strong, healthy teeth with a dazzling appearance. We want you to smile as often as possible!

Development and professionalism
We are constantly improving at every professional level. The good dentist Mielec knows how important development is!

Contact with the patient
We are deeply care about the comfort of our patients. We treat them as we would like to be treated ourselves at the dentist’s office! Dentist Mielec– the forum is a place where our community shares their experiences related to the treatment. Dentist Mielec– patient reviews confirm that our clinic is a good choice!

If you are experiencing a sudden problem with a tooth – pain, crown fracture, swelling or any other kind of ailment, you are welcome to visit us. There will always be someone among us who can help you as soon as possible.

Such cases are our priority. With a large team, we provide the fastest possible help.

We work:
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dentist Katarzyna Sikora

endodontics, prosthetics

dentist Krystyna Rolnicka – Tyniec

surgery, implantology

dentist Aleksandra Sikora

in the course of specialisation in orthodontics

dentist Szymon Sikora

cosmetic dentistry with surgery

dentist Bożena Lupa

general dentistry, prosthetics

Dental hygienist Urszula Polak

certified dental hygienist

Danuta Sołdyga

dental assistant

Magdalena Skowron

dental assistant

Justyna Szestakow

dental assistant

Marzena Rusek