Prosthetics – in Mielec you will find the best doctors who will help you regain your smile.


Prosthetics – In Mielec you can find the best doctors to help you restore your smile.

The good prosthodontist in the Medental Clinic

Mielec is a place where you will find experienced doctors. Prosthetics is a unique field thanks to which you will regain lost chewing and biting functions, as well as a beautiful smile. We replace missing teeth with the best permanent dentures in the form of crowns and bridges or high-quality removable dentures. We always focus on the natural look of the prosthetic devices we use.

Dental crowns for a dazzling effect

Crowns are used when standard fillings are not enough. This happens when a tooth is severely damaged. They replace the visible part of the tooth, which is why they are made of the best quality materials, such as porcelain or zirconium.

Highly aesthetic prosthetic bridges

Bridges replace one to several missing teeth if they are next to each other. They require grinding of adjacent teeth, but they provide a very good aesthetic effect. Crowns made of porcelain or zirconium are placed on the polished teeth.

Veneers for a perfect smile

Veneers even out minor irregularities and mask tooth discolouration. They are thin porcelain flakes which the dentist attaches to the front side of the tooth. For this purpose it is necessary to grind the tooth surface to a minimum. They are durable and resistant, and the procedure is completely safe. Give yourself a beautiful smile thanks to veneers.

Dr Katarzyna Sikora has been specialising in the makeover of smiles with the use of veneers for years. Thanks to her experience, knowledge and excellent prosthetic laboratories she cooperates with, the effect of the transformation is predictable and delightful. If you are looking for a good prosthodontist – Mielec and Medental is the perfect place to transform your smile.

Our prosthodontists in Medental in Mielec also offer removable dentures:

Acrylic dentures

If the patient is completely edentulous, full dentures made of acrylic are used. They are horseshoe-shaped and adhere to the patient’s palate.

Skeletal dentures
Skeletal dentures are healthier than full dentures. They are characterised by lightness of construction and the clasps guarantee stability. Importantly, they do not press on the alveolar process.

A reliable prosthodontist in Mielec? You will find them in Medental.

Prosthetic treatment is performed mainly by Dr Bożena Lupa and Dr Katarzyna Sikora.

Tooth reconstruction
When the crown of a tooth is seriously damaged, it needs to be reconstructed. This happens when a tooth has been damaged by decay or mechanical injury. Several methods of restoration are used, depending on the extent of the damage. When the cavity is small, it is enough to use composite on its surface. If, on the other hand, it is extensive, it is necessary to use fibreglass with the composite material. Fibreglass is used as a root-canal inlay or crown reinforcement.

Prosthetics also offers effective solutions in case of tooth reconstruction – Mielec is a place where we make inlay and onlay restorations as well as porcelain, all-ceramic or zirconium oxide crowns. Each of them perfectly imitates natural dentition, is durable and resistant to damage.

Dr Bożena Lupa, Dr Szymon Sikora and Dr Aleksandra Sikora are most often engaged in helping patients with such needs.

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