Paediatric dentistry

Paediatric dentist Mielec– where should you look for a good specialist? At the Medental clinic, we know how important the first visits at the dentist’s are for a child. They affect the way the child will think about future visits to the dentist. Therefore, out of concern for our youngest patients, we care for their well-being and always try to reduce the level of stress accompanying the visit. We do not condone stereotypes, so we want the dentist’s chair to arouse only the desire for adventure in a child!

Paediatric dentistry – caring for the youngest patients

The structure of child’s teeth and the whole dental system is significantly different from that of an adult. Therefore, dentistry has developed a separate specialisation dealing with the teeth of the youngest patients. The biggest danger for milk teeth is caries, which can only be prevented by proper prophylaxis and comprehensive dental care. Therefore, we should make sure that our children regularly visit a good paediatric dentist, who will make sure that there is nothing wrong with their teeth, and if it turns out that they are affected by decay – she/he will undertake immediate, professional treatment!

Remember, that the first visit of your child to a trusted paediatric dentist should be scheduled when there is nothing wrong with the child’s teeth. In this case, you can be sure that your child will not transfer any negative feelings to the dentist. Our smallest but most important patients are looked after by Dr Aleksandra Sikora and Dr Szymon Sikora.

Dentist in Mielec for children– Medental – the best dental care for your child!

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