Tooth reconstruction

When the crown of a tooth is seriously damaged, it needs to be reconstructed. This happens when a tooth has been damaged by decay or mechanical injury. Several methods of restoration are used, depending on the extent of the damage. When the cavity is small, it is enough to use composite on its surface. If, on the other hand, it is extensive, it is necessary to use fibreglass with the composite material. Fibreglass is used as a root inlay or crown reinforcement.

Prosthetics also offers effective solutions in case of tooth reconstruction– Mielec is a place where we make inlay and onlay restorations as well as porcelain, all-ceramic or zirconium oxide crowns. Each of these solutions perfectly imitates natural dentition, is durable and resistant to damage.

Dr Bożena Lupa, Dr Szymon Sikora and Dr Aleksandra Sikora are most often engaged in helping patients with such needs.

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