Teeth whitening

Nowadays a white smile is extremely desirable. It proves that its owner cares about his/her appearance and significantly affects the perception of him/her as an attractive person. Everybody can now have a snow-white smile! Thanks to cosmetic dentistry and increasingly popular teeth whitening treatments, you can achieve captivating results in a short time. To help you make your teeth brighter and shinier, we offer the following methods:

Overlay whitening

The first step of this method consists in cleaning your teeth from deposits and tartar and filling in any cavities. Then the patient receives special trays made based on previously obtained impressions of the teeth, jaws and mandible. The trays are fitted perfectly during a visit to the dentist, after which the dentist gives the patient a whitening gel and instructions on how to use it. The trays must be worn for a certain number of hours each day or at night, for a period of one to twelve days. The overlay teeth whitening should be supported by a white diet for the time specified by the dentist.

In-office whitening method

It is an extremely quick method as the procedure takes place during a single visit to the dentist. First, the dentist secures the gums with a rubber dam, then he or she covers the teeth several times with a gel whose whitening ingredients are activated by exposure to a lamp. In our clinic we have developed our own method of teeth whitening, which will make your smile whiter from day to day and the whitening effect will last longer. Call us and make an appointment!

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