Prevention and fight against tooth decay can save us from long and costly treatment. It is always better to prevent than cure!


Prevention and fight against tooth decay can save us from long and costly treatment. Prevention is always better than cure! Therefore, remember to take regular preventive care at home and at the dentist’s office. Fight plaque, tartar and prevent periodontitis. Hygienisation procedures performed in the office include teeth cleaning, i.e. scaling, sandblasting and fluoridation.


Scaling consists in cleaning teeth from tartar and plaque with the use of ultrasound. It has health (prevents periodontitis) and aesthetic significance.


Sandblasting will deal with discolouration and plaque deposited on teeth while drinking coffee, tea or smoking. The procedure is performed with a sandblaster and powder, without pain and in complete safety.


Polishing your teeth leaves them perfectly smooth, which makes it harder for plaque to build up. It is also an excellent way to get rid of plaque and tarnish. Polishing is a painless procedure performed with rubbers and brushes of different sizes.

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We also perform sealing and fluoridation. During sealing, premolars and molars are covered with sealant, which protects them against caries and has a high fluoride content. Fluoridation, on the other hand, is designed to strengthen the enamel and make it resistant to decay. It is recommended after teeth cleaning procedures when they may be hypersensitive. Fluoridation is performed on permanent and milk teeth. In addition, our specialist instructs patients on how to perform proper oral hygiene. We will show you how to properly brush and floss your teeth to delay the build-up of tartar, plaque and deposits. Visit your dentist every six months to avoid tooth and mouth problems. This is a very important part of prevention. A team of our hygienists takes care of a broad prophylaxis.

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