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Smile restoration

If you are wondering what a good dentist – Mielec and the Medental clinic – can do for you, we are pleased to present you the latest achievements of dentistry, thanks to which we can transform your smile.

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A tooth implant? Our clinic is the best choice. Thanks to her broad knowledge, experience and perfection in her profession, our implantologist, dr Krystyna Rolnicka-Tyniec, will help you choose the best solution and then carry out the procedure in comfortable conditions.

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Root canal treatment under dental microscope

Root canal treatment with a dental microscope.
Root canal treatment – Mielec is a place where we can save your teeth!

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Prevention and fight against tooth decay can save us from long and costly treatment. It is always better to prevent than cure!

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Prosthetics – In Mielec you can find the best doctors to help you restore your smile.

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Tooth reconstruction

When the crown of a tooth is seriously damaged, it needs to be reconstructed. This happens when a tooth has been damaged by decay or mechanical injury.

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Dental surgery

Surgical precision at the Medental clinic.
Dental surgery is a field that requires precision and extensive experience.

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Porcelain veneers

Porcelain veneers are a celebrity’s way of achieving a perfect smile. These very thin flakes of porcelain are fixed by our prosthodontist in Mielec to the front side of a tooth, usually in the front part of the dental arch.

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What does periodontology do?

Periodontics consists in treating periodontal diseases – soft and hard tissues which surround the tooth and keep it in the alveolus.

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Paediatric dentistry

Paediatric dentist Mielec – where can you look for a good specialist? At the Medental clinic, we know how important the first visits at the dentist’s are for a child.

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Cosmetic dentistry

The aim of cosmetic dentistry is to improve the appearance of the teeth, so that they gain the desired shape, size and shade. Beautiful teeth give the face radiance and make us smile more eagerly!

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Skaling – is a method of removing tartar from teeth. In our practice we use modern technology which does not damage the enamel in any way.

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Teeth scanning

Teeth scanning – Medental has a modern technology which is the PrimeScan intraoral scanner.

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Teeth whitening

Nowadays a white smile is extremely desirable. It proves that its owner cares about his/her appearance and significantly affects the perception of him/her as an attractive person.

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FelgDent application

In our practice we have a mobile application for patients.

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Laser treatments

Laser surgical procedures are much more comfortable for the patient, do not cause bleeding and do not require stitches.

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