Cosmetic dentistry

The aim of cosmetic dentistry is to improve the appearance of the teeth, so that they gain the desired shape, size and shade. Beautiful teeth give the face radiance and make us smile more eagerly! One of the most common procedures in the field of cosmetic dentistry is teeth whitening, through which it is possible to achieve a snow-white smile in a fast and safe manner. Dentist – Mielec, Medental also provides veneers and porcelain crowns as part of cosmetic dentistry, which are an excellent solution for patients with complete dentition. They significantly influence smile aesthetics, as they are able to hide enamel discolouration and some types of malocclusion. Medental also offers procedures consisting in closing diastemata, which allow you to enjoy a perfect, movie-like smile.

Doctor Szymon Sikora is a doctor who stands out for his perfectionism in this field and it is he who takes care of the majority of our patients requiring such treatment. He has completed many prestigious training courses in this field and continues to improve his qualifications so that a beautiful smile can accompany you in every situation.

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    We develop dynamically – we make sure that our knowledge and skills correspond to the latest technological achievements. We focus on continuous improvement of our qualifications, each year we attend a large number of training courses. But not only because of that. We love to smile and we want to give smiles to our patients 🙂



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