Root canal treatment Mielec is the place where we can save your teeth!

Root canal treatment under dental microscope

Root canal treatment– Mielec is the place where we can save your teeth!

Root canal treatment is provided by our entire team of doctors. However, the most complex procedures in this field are the domain of Dr Katarzyna Sikora, who, as a founding member of the Polish Endodontic Association (PTE), which was established in 2004, works with the best dental practices. Since 2018, she has participated in a program of one of the leading dental companies, Dentsply-Sirona, called Endo Vip, which brings together only a selected dozen of the best endodontists in Poland.

Root canal treatment with a dental microscope is used for severely damaged teeth. Although it requires precision and commitment, the results are worthwhile. When performed correctly, it gives a chance to heal a tooth previously doomed to extraction and keep it in the mouth for many years. The best results are achieved by treatment under magnification, which we conduct in our practice.

Microscopic root canal treatment – Mielec

By opting for treatment under magnification, you can be sure that the dentist will be able to locate even very narrow canals, impossible to find in traditional procedures. It is also a chance to find and close possible perforations and remove broken tools. The microscope is also indispensable in repeated root canal treatment. It allows for zooming and illuminating the image, thanks to which everything is perfectly visible.

Root canal treatment with a dental microscope – Mielec

For the treatment to be successful, the affected pulp must be thoroughly cleaned from the tooth chamber and root canals. The cleaned, rinsed and dried canals are tightly filled with liquid gutta-percha. Root canal treatment in Mielec in Medental ends with restoration of the tooth, which usually takes place at the next appointment, either in our clinic or in case of patients referred to us – at their doctor’s. All procedures are completely painless! To make our patients even more comfortable, we use computer-controlled anaesthesia using the latest QuickSleeper 5 system. Contact us to find out the price of root canal treatment in Mielec!


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