A tooth implant? Our clinic is the best choice.


A tooth implant? Mielec and our clinic are the best choice. Thanks to her broad knowledge, experience and perfection in her profession, our implantologist, dr Krystyna Rolnicka-Tyniec, will help you choose the best solution and then carry out the procedure in comfortable conditions.

If you are thinking about an implant solution – Mielec and the Medental clinic is the place where we will help you make the best decision!

Proven dental implants – Mielec

Tooth implants are the healthiest, safest way to replace single and multiple missing teeth. They replace the natural root of a tooth and prevent bone atrophy and damage to other teeth. Regain your comfort!

What is an implant?

The implant itself is placed in the bone. It is supported by a connector, on which a crown or bridge is placed, or which anchors a removable prosthetic device. It is the prosthetic device on the implant that is responsible for the appearance of the smile.

The good implantologist – Mielec and Medental is the best solution

We will take care of your comfort and safety at every stage of the implant treatment. The first step is to conduct a thorough interview with the patient. Then we perform an examination of the oral cavity, and a take panoramic photo and a computer tomography. The procedure itself is performed with effective anaesthesia, because comfort during the procedure is our philosophy. Medental is your implant dentist – Mielec.

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