What does periodontology do?

Periodontics consists in treating periodontal diseases – soft and hard tissues which surround the tooth and keep it in the alveolus. Periodontal diseases are an increasingly common health problem, both among children and adults. They are caused by tissue damage resulting from excessive proliferation of bacteria. A habitat for dangerous bacteria is dental plaque, which accumulates on teeth, gums and prosthetic fillings. One of the most common gum diseases is periodontitis. It is worth referring to a specialist when symptoms such as bleeding or painful gums, loosening of the teeth, hypersensitivity to temperature, as well as unpleasant odour from the mouth or a bad taste in the mouth appear. Treatment of advanced forms of periodontopathy is carried out by a periodontist. An experienced doctor, Dr Krystyna Rolnicka-Tyniec – the good dentist Mielec will protect you from periodontal diseases and take care of the health of your teeth and gums.

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