Before entering the clinic, use the bell located to the left of the door.

Access to the clinic is limited to the patient and any necessary companion, e.g. one carer.

Before entering, the introducer will confirm your identity (ID card or passport required) and take your and your companion’s temperature.

Please come in wearing a mask and gloves if possible.

For your own safety, please do not bring a handbag or backpack with you. Small items such as your keys, phone and wallet will be packed in disposable plastic bags and taken into the surgery.

After disinfecting your hands (gloves) you will be taken to reception to sign the consents. Once you have signed, put the pen in the marked box.

The receptionist will then take you to the surgery. It is very important that, as far as possible, you do not touch anything, i.e. doorknobs, door panels, etc.

Using the toilet is not recommended.

In the surgery, please follow the instructions of the staff.

After your appointment, payment is made at reception (card payment preferred), the receptionist will escort you to the door.

Thank you.