If you are wondering what a good dentist – Mielec and the Medental clinic – can do for you, we are pleased to present you the latest achievements of dentistry, thanks to which we can transform your smile. We will bring you back the joy of a beautiful smile! Thanks to Digital Smile Design technology, we will be able to present you with your new smile at the beginning of our cooperation, so that you can enjoy your makeover throughout the entire treatment.

Our doctors certified in Digital Smile Design technology: Dr Katarzyna Sikora and Dr Szymon Sikora will design it for you.

Treatments in the field of cosmetic dentistry and prosthetics are a simple way to a perfect smile. We can restore your lost white teeth with a safe and painless whitening treatment. Our good dentist in Mielec also helps patients with missing or severely damaged teeth. Crowns, bridges and veneers are characterised by high aesthetic value and durability. They perfectly imitate natural teeth, thanks to high quality materials. With us you will regain your lost beauty!

A tooth implant? Mielec and our clinic are the best choice. Thanks to her broad knowledge, experience and perfection in her profession, our implantologist, dr Krystyna Rolnicka-Tyniec, will help you choose the best solution and then carry out the procedure in comfortable conditions.

If you are thinking about an implant solution – Mielec and the Medental clinic is the place where we will help you make the best decision!

Proven dental implants – Mielec

Tooth implants are the healthiest, safest way to replace single and multiple missing teeth. They replace the natural root of a tooth and prevent bone atrophy and damage to other teeth. Regain your comfort!

What is an implant?

The implant itself is placed in the bone. It is supported by a connector, on which a crown or bridge is placed, or which anchors a removable prosthetic device. It is the prosthetic device on the implant that is responsible for the appearance of the smile.

The good implantologist – Mielec and Medental is the best solution

We will take care of your comfort and safety at every stage of the implant treatment. The first step is to conduct a thorough interview with the patient. Then we perform an examination of the oral cavity, and a take panoramic photo and a computer tomography. The procedure itself is performed with effective anaesthesia, because comfort during the procedure is our philosophy. Medental is your implant dentist – Mielec.

Root canal treatment– Mielec is the place where we can save your teeth!

Root canal treatment is provided by our entire team of doctors. However, the most complex procedures in this field are the domain of Dr Katarzyna Sikora, who, as a founding member of the Polish Endodontic Association (PTE), which was established in 2004, works with the best dental practices. Since 2018, she has participated in a program of one of the leading dental companies, Dentsply-Sirona, called Endo Vip, which brings together only a selected dozen of the best endodontists in Poland.

Root canal treatment with a dental microscope is used for severely damaged teeth. Although it requires precision and commitment, the results are worthwhile. When performed correctly, it gives a chance to heal a tooth previously doomed to extraction and keep it in the mouth for many years. The best results are achieved by treatment under magnification, which we conduct in our practice.

Microscopic root canal treatment – Mielec

By opting for treatment under magnification, you can be sure that the dentist will be able to locate even very narrow canals, impossible to find in traditional procedures. It is also a chance to find and close possible perforations and remove broken tools. The microscope is also indispensable in repeated root canal treatment. It allows for zooming and illuminating the image, thanks to which everything is perfectly visible.

Root canal treatment with a dental microscope – Mielec

For the treatment to be successful, the affected pulp must be thoroughly cleaned from the tooth chamber and root canals. The cleaned, rinsed and dried canals are tightly filled with liquid gutta-percha. Root canal treatment in Mielec in Medental ends with restoration of the tooth, which usually takes place at the next appointment, either in our clinic or in case of patients referred to us – at their doctor’s. All procedures are completely painless! To make our patients even more comfortable, we use computer-controlled anaesthesia using the latest QuickSleeper 5 system. Contact us to find out the price of root canal treatment in Mielec!


You can check our price list or contact us by phone or in person.

Prevention and fight against tooth decay can save us from long and costly treatment. Prevention is always better than cure! Therefore, remember to take regular preventive care at home and at the dentist’s office. Fight plaque, tartar and prevent periodontitis. Hygienisation procedures performed in the office include teeth cleaning, i.e. scaling, sandblasting and fluoridation.


Scaling consists in cleaning teeth from tartar and plaque with the use of ultrasound. It has health (prevents periodontitis) and aesthetic significance.


Sandblasting will deal with discolouration and plaque deposited on teeth while drinking coffee, tea or smoking. The procedure is performed with a sandblaster and powder, without pain and in complete safety.


Polishing your teeth leaves them perfectly smooth, which makes it harder for plaque to build up. It is also an excellent way to get rid of plaque and tarnish. Polishing is a painless procedure performed with rubbers and brushes of different sizes.

Find out about other preventive treatments!

We also perform sealing and fluoridation. During sealing, premolars and molars are covered with sealant, which protects them against caries and has a high fluoride content. Fluoridation, on the other hand, is designed to strengthen the enamel and make it resistant to decay. It is recommended after teeth cleaning procedures when they may be hypersensitive. Fluoridation is performed on permanent and milk teeth. In addition, our specialist instructs patients on how to perform proper oral hygiene. We will show you how to properly brush and floss your teeth to delay the build-up of tartar, plaque and deposits. Visit your dentist every six months to avoid tooth and mouth problems. This is a very important part of prevention. A team of our hygienists takes care of a broad prophylaxis.

Prosthetics – In Mielec you can find the best doctors to help you restore your smile.

The good prosthodontist in the Medental Clinic

Mielec is a place where you will find experienced doctors. Prosthetics is a unique field thanks to which you will regain lost chewing and biting functions, as well as a beautiful smile. We replace missing teeth with the best permanent dentures in the form of crowns and bridges or high-quality removable dentures. We always focus on the natural look of the prosthetic devices we use.

Dental crowns for a dazzling effect

Crowns are used when standard fillings are not enough. This happens when a tooth is severely damaged. They replace the visible part of the tooth, which is why they are made of the best quality materials, such as porcelain or zirconium.

Highly aesthetic prosthetic bridges

Bridges replace one to several missing teeth if they are next to each other. They require grinding of adjacent teeth, but they provide a very good aesthetic effect. Crowns made of porcelain or zirconium are placed on the polished teeth.

Veneers for a perfect smile

Veneers even out minor irregularities and mask tooth discolouration. They are thin porcelain flakes which the dentist attaches to the front side of the tooth. For this purpose it is necessary to grind the tooth surface to a minimum. They are durable and resistant, and the procedure is completely safe. Give yourself a beautiful smile thanks to veneers.

Dr Katarzyna Sikora has been specialising in the makeover of smiles with the use of veneers for years. Thanks to her experience, knowledge and excellent prosthetic laboratories she cooperates with, the effect of the transformation is predictable and delightful. If you are looking for a good prosthodontist – Mielec and Medental is the perfect place to transform your smile.

Our prosthodontists in Medental in Mielec also offer removable dentures:

Acrylic dentures

If the patient is completely edentulous, full dentures made of acrylic are used. They are horseshoe-shaped and adhere to the patient’s palate.

Skeletal dentures
Skeletal dentures are healthier than full dentures. They are characterised by lightness of construction and the clasps guarantee stability. Importantly, they do not press on the alveolar process.

A reliable prosthodontist in Mielec? You will find them in Medental.

Prosthetic treatment is performed mainly by Dr Bożena Lupa and Dr Katarzyna Sikora.

Tooth reconstruction
When the crown of a tooth is seriously damaged, it needs to be reconstructed. This happens when a tooth has been damaged by decay or mechanical injury. Several methods of restoration are used, depending on the extent of the damage. When the cavity is small, it is enough to use composite on its surface. If, on the other hand, it is extensive, it is necessary to use fibreglass with the composite material. Fibreglass is used as a root-canal inlay or crown reinforcement.

Prosthetics also offers effective solutions in case of tooth reconstruction – Mielec is a place where we make inlay and onlay restorations as well as porcelain, all-ceramic or zirconium oxide crowns. Each of them perfectly imitates natural dentition, is durable and resistant to damage.

Dr Bożena Lupa, Dr Szymon Sikora and Dr Aleksandra Sikora are most often engaged in helping patients with such needs.

When the crown of a tooth is seriously damaged, it needs to be reconstructed. This happens when a tooth has been damaged by decay or mechanical injury. Several methods of restoration are used, depending on the extent of the damage. When the cavity is small, it is enough to use composite on its surface. If, on the other hand, it is extensive, it is necessary to use fibreglass with the composite material. Fibreglass is used as a root inlay or crown reinforcement.

Prosthetics also offers effective solutions in case of tooth reconstruction– Mielec is a place where we make inlay and onlay restorations as well as porcelain, all-ceramic or zirconium oxide crowns. Each of these solutions perfectly imitates natural dentition, is durable and resistant to damage.

Dr Bożena Lupa, Dr Szymon Sikora and Dr Aleksandra Sikora are most often engaged in helping patients with such needs.

Surgical precision at the Medental Clinic

Dental surgery is a field that requires precision and extensive experience. The doctor dealing with surgery in our clinic is Dr Krystyna Rolnicka-Tyniec. Her knowledge, empathy and perfectionism guarantee the correct course of treatment and the comfort of patients. Dr Krystyna Rolnicka-Tyniec gained the title of implantologist after completing the prestigious DSI Implantology Curriculum with honours.

Each treatment is preceded by a detailed conversation with the patient, called a consultation.

This enables detailed planning and safe treatment to be undertaken. Here are some of the surgical procedures undertaken by the dentist-surgeon in Medental in Mielec:

Tooth extraction

It consists of removing the tooth from the alveolus using appropriate tools. The procedure is carried out quickly and precisely. Then the dental surgeon gives the patient detailed postoperative instructions.

Complex extractions

Surgical procedures involving the removal of a tooth located under the gum.

Surgical extraction of an impacted tooth

This procedure usually concerns wisdom teeth that are fully developed but have been retained under the gum. They can cause pain and to some extent disturb the aesthetics of the smile. Removal of impacted teeth requires surgical intervention as it is more complicated and time-consuming than a simple extraction.


The procedure consists in cutting the frenulum connecting the lip or tongue to the alveolar process in cases where it is too close to the teeth, has an inappropriate shape or size or has a harmful effect on the aesthetics of the dentition and the position of the teeth. This procedure prevents the development and consolidation of speech defects in children.


The surgeon removes the apex if the periapical lesion in the tooth exceeds 10 mm and prevents the root canal treatment. Apicectomy is also carried out if lesions develop in the bone surrounding the root.

Abscess incision

The procedure consists in removing an abscess formed as a result of an infection. An abscess is formed when the pus at the focus of the infection has no outflow.

Preparatory procedures for implantation

In our clinic we act comprehensively, therefore we offer a full range of procedures which prepare the patient for the implant placement.

Lifting of the maxillary sinus fundus

The procedure of implantation of tooth implants by an implantologist in Mielec may be preceded by a procedure of lifting the maxillary sinus fundus. The surgeon places bone-forming material between the sinus membrane and the alveolar process, which influences the bone in such a way that it becomes stronger and prepared for the implantation procedure. Guided bone regeneration – during this type of treatment we use bone-forming and bone-substitute materials which support the regeneration of bone tissue. The dentist cuts the gums and exposes the bone, then introduces appropriate materials which are covered with a protective coating for the time of regeneration.

What does periodontology do?

Periodontics consists in treating periodontal diseases – soft and hard tissues which surround the tooth and keep it in the alveolus. Periodontal diseases are an increasingly common health problem, both among children and adults. They are caused by tissue damage resulting from excessive proliferation of bacteria. A habitat for dangerous bacteria is dental plaque, which accumulates on teeth, gums and prosthetic fillings. One of the most common gum diseases is periodontitis. It is worth referring to a specialist when symptoms such as bleeding or painful gums, loosening of the teeth, hypersensitivity to temperature, as well as unpleasant odour from the mouth or a bad taste in the mouth appear. Treatment of advanced forms of periodontopathy is carried out by a periodontist. An experienced doctor, Dr Krystyna Rolnicka-Tyniec – the good dentist Mielec will protect you from periodontal diseases and take care of the health of your teeth and gums.

Porcelain veneers are a celebrity’s way of achieving a perfect smile. These very thin flakes of porcelain are fixed by our specialist in Mielec to the front side of a tooth, usually in the front part of the dental arch. Thanks to them, small discolourations, irregularities or gaps between teeth are invisible. Your smile becomes perfectly even, white and really beautiful. Thanks to veneers you will gain self-confidence and a perfect look, quickly and without pain. Veneers are also a safe method because the interference with our natural teeth is minimal. It’s easier than you think! We work with meticulously selected prosthetic laboratories, so you can be sure that the lab that creates your smile is the leading one in its field.

Paediatric dentist Mielec– where should you look for a good specialist? At the Medental clinic, we know how important the first visits at the dentist’s are for a child. They affect the way the child will think about future visits to the dentist. Therefore, out of concern for our youngest patients, we care for their well-being and always try to reduce the level of stress accompanying the visit. We do not condone stereotypes, so we want the dentist’s chair to arouse only the desire for adventure in a child!

Paediatric dentistry – caring for the youngest patients

The structure of child’s teeth and the whole dental system is significantly different from that of an adult. Therefore, dentistry has developed a separate specialisation dealing with the teeth of the youngest patients. The biggest danger for milk teeth is caries, which can only be prevented by proper prophylaxis and comprehensive dental care. Therefore, we should make sure that our children regularly visit a good paediatric dentist, who will make sure that there is nothing wrong with their teeth, and if it turns out that they are affected by decay – she/he will undertake immediate, professional treatment!

Remember, that the first visit of your child to a trusted paediatric dentist should be scheduled when there is nothing wrong with the child’s teeth. In this case, you can be sure that your child will not transfer any negative feelings to the dentist. Our smallest but most important patients are looked after by Dr Aleksandra Sikora and Dr Szymon Sikora.

Dentist in Mielec for children– Medental – the best dental care for your child!