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Laser procedures are performed with the Biolase epicX laser.

Laser surgical procedures are much more comfortable for the patient, do not cause bleeding and do not require stitches. Tissue healing progresses quickly and is not burdensome. Photodisinfection procedures can be performed even in hard-to-reach areas.

It is possible to disinfect root surfaces deep in periodontal pockets in patients with periodontopathies, as well as the implant surface if it has been exposed.

Laser teeth whitening is a procedure which uses the ability to activate the whitening preparation without the necessity to use strong whitening agents. In this way we reduce post-treatment hypersensitivity practically to zero and we prevent chemical damage to the tissues.

Laser light can also be used in stimulation of tissue healing after surgery, and in the treatment of inflammatory conditions such as herpes or aphthae.

As far as pain treatment is concerned, we can support patients with impaired healing after tooth extraction, pain in the muscles and temporomandibular joints, toothache after the application of braces and tooth hypersensitivity to various stimuli.

In our practice we have a mobile application for patients. It allows the Patient to sign up for an appointment, gain access to his/her medical records and treatment plan, and quickly check the date and time of the next appointment in Medental. We invite you to install the FelgDent application. In order to get access to your own account, please contact our registration desk – our Receptionists will activate your profile and you will be sent an SMS with the username and password to your account.

Nowadays a white smile is extremely desirable. It proves that its owner cares about his/her appearance and significantly affects the perception of him/her as an attractive person. Everybody can now have a snow-white smile! Thanks to cosmetic dentistry and increasingly popular teeth whitening treatments, you can achieve captivating results in a short time. To help you make your teeth brighter and shinier, we offer the following methods:

Overlay whitening

The first step of this method consists in cleaning your teeth from deposits and tartar and filling in any cavities. Then the patient receives special trays made based on previously obtained impressions of the teeth, jaws and mandible. The trays are fitted perfectly during a visit to the dentist, after which the dentist gives the patient a whitening gel and instructions on how to use it. The trays must be worn for a certain number of hours each day or at night, for a period of one to twelve days. The overlay teeth whitening should be supported by a white diet for the time specified by the dentist.

In-office whitening method

It is an extremely quick method as the procedure takes place during a single visit to the dentist. First, the dentist secures the gums with a rubber dam, then he or she covers the teeth several times with a gel whose whitening ingredients are activated by exposure to a lamp. In our clinic we have developed our own method of teeth whitening, which will make your smile whiter from day to day and the whitening effect will last longer. Call us and make an appointment!

Teeth scanning – Medental clinic has uses a modern technology which is the Primescan intraoral scanner. What is it used for? Let us explain. A precise impression of the teeth is required for all prosthetic and implantology procedures. Special impression masses can be used for this, which are placed on the teeth, and then they set. The main disadvantage of this method is the great discomfort for patients during the procedure (especially for those who have a strong vomiting reflex). Teeth scanning fully eliminates this problem. The scanner provides maximum comfort during the procedure for the patient. Its additional advantages are: precision of the scan, possibility to send it quickly to the laboratory (thanks to which the waiting time for veneers, crowns or bridges is reduced) and a total lack of pain during the scanning process.

Skaling – is a method of removing tartar from teeth. In our practice we use modern technology which does not damage the enamel in any way. We use the GBT protocol, Guided Biofilm Therapy, created by experts to ensure maximum comfort, protect teeth and gums and leave the enamel surface smooth for a long time. This technology is also safe for implants and prosthetic devices (e.g. veneers, crowns and bridges). The applied sequence of activities not only results in perfect cleaning of all nooks and crannies of the oral cavity, but also allows for the implementation of new hygienic habits, individually selected (after all, each of us is different) so that tartar does not settle on the teeth. An additional benefit is a significant reduction of bacteria in the oral cavity, and thus the protection of teeth against caries.

The aim of cosmetic dentistry is to improve the appearance of the teeth, so that they gain the desired shape, size and shade. Beautiful teeth give the face radiance and make us smile more eagerly! One of the most common procedures in the field of cosmetic dentistry is teeth whitening, through which it is possible to achieve a snow-white smile in a fast and safe manner. Dentist – Mielec, Medental also provides veneers and porcelain crowns as part of cosmetic dentistry, which are an excellent solution for patients with complete dentition. They significantly influence smile aesthetics, as they are able to hide enamel discolouration and some types of malocclusion. Medental also offers procedures consisting in closing diastemata, which allow you to enjoy a perfect, movie-like smile.

Doctor Szymon Sikora is a doctor who stands out for his perfectionism in this field and it is he who takes care of the majority of our patients requiring such treatment. He has completed many prestigious training courses in this field and continues to improve his qualifications so that a beautiful smile can accompany you in every situation.

Paediatric dentist Mielec– where should you look for a good specialist? At the Medental clinic, we know how important the first visits at the dentist’s are for a child. They affect the way the child will think about future visits to the dentist. Therefore, out of concern for our youngest patients, we care for their well-being and always try to reduce the level of stress accompanying the visit. We do not condone stereotypes, so we want the dentist’s chair to arouse only the desire for adventure in a child!

Paediatric dentistry – caring for the youngest patients

The structure of child’s teeth and the whole dental system is significantly different from that of an adult. Therefore, dentistry has developed a separate specialisation dealing with the teeth of the youngest patients. The biggest danger for milk teeth is caries, which can only be prevented by proper prophylaxis and comprehensive dental care. Therefore, we should make sure that our children regularly visit a good paediatric dentist, who will make sure that there is nothing wrong with their teeth, and if it turns out that they are affected by decay – she/he will undertake immediate, professional treatment!

Remember, that the first visit of your child to a trusted paediatric dentist should be scheduled when there is nothing wrong with the child’s teeth. In this case, you can be sure that your child will not transfer any negative feelings to the dentist. Our smallest but most important patients are looked after by Dr Aleksandra Sikora and Dr Szymon Sikora.

Dentist in Mielec for children– Medental – the best dental care for your child!

What does periodontology do?

Periodontics consists in treating periodontal diseases – soft and hard tissues which surround the tooth and keep it in the alveolus. Periodontal diseases are an increasingly common health problem, both among children and adults. They are caused by tissue damage resulting from excessive proliferation of bacteria. A habitat for dangerous bacteria is dental plaque, which accumulates on teeth, gums and prosthetic fillings. One of the most common gum diseases is periodontitis. It is worth referring to a specialist when symptoms such as bleeding or painful gums, loosening of the teeth, hypersensitivity to temperature, as well as unpleasant odour from the mouth or a bad taste in the mouth appear. Treatment of advanced forms of periodontopathy is carried out by a periodontist. An experienced doctor, Dr Krystyna Rolnicka-Tyniec – the good dentist Mielec will protect you from periodontal diseases and take care of the health of your teeth and gums.

Porcelain veneers are a celebrity’s way of achieving a perfect smile. These very thin flakes of porcelain are fixed by our specialist in Mielec to the front side of a tooth, usually in the front part of the dental arch. Thanks to them, small discolourations, irregularities or gaps between teeth are invisible. Your smile becomes perfectly even, white and really beautiful. Thanks to veneers you will gain self-confidence and a perfect look, quickly and without pain. Veneers are also a safe method because the interference with our natural teeth is minimal. It’s easier than you think! We work with meticulously selected prosthetic laboratories, so you can be sure that the lab that creates your smile is the leading one in its field.

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