Dental surgery

Surgical precision at the Medental Clinic

Dental surgery is a field that requires precision and extensive experience. The doctor dealing with surgery in our clinic is Dr Krystyna Rolnicka-Tyniec. Her knowledge, empathy and perfectionism guarantee the correct course of treatment and the comfort of patients. Dr Krystyna Rolnicka-Tyniec gained the title of implantologist after completing the prestigious DSI Implantology Curriculum with honours.

Each treatment is preceded by a detailed conversation with the patient, called a consultation.

This enables detailed planning and safe treatment to be undertaken. Here are some of the surgical procedures undertaken by the dentist-surgeon in Medental in Mielec:

Tooth extraction

It consists of removing the tooth from the alveolus using appropriate tools. The procedure is carried out quickly and precisely. Then the dental surgeon gives the patient detailed postoperative instructions.

Complex extractions

Surgical procedures involving the removal of a tooth located under the gum.

Surgical extraction of an impacted tooth

This procedure usually concerns wisdom teeth that are fully developed but have been retained under the gum. They can cause pain and to some extent disturb the aesthetics of the smile. Removal of impacted teeth requires surgical intervention as it is more complicated and time-consuming than a simple extraction.


The procedure consists in cutting the frenulum connecting the lip or tongue to the alveolar process in cases where it is too close to the teeth, has an inappropriate shape or size or has a harmful effect on the aesthetics of the dentition and the position of the teeth. This procedure prevents the development and consolidation of speech defects in children.


The surgeon removes the apex if the periapical lesion in the tooth exceeds 10 mm and prevents the root canal treatment. Apicectomy is also carried out if lesions develop in the bone surrounding the root.

Abscess incision

The procedure consists in removing an abscess formed as a result of an infection. An abscess is formed when the pus at the focus of the infection has no outflow.

Preparatory procedures for implantation

In our clinic we act comprehensively, therefore we offer a full range of procedures which prepare the patient for the implant placement.

Lifting of the maxillary sinus fundus

The procedure of implantation of tooth implants by an implantologist in Mielec may be preceded by a procedure of lifting the maxillary sinus fundus. The surgeon places bone-forming material between the sinus membrane and the alveolar process, which influences the bone in such a way that it becomes stronger and prepared for the implantation procedure. Guided bone regeneration – during this type of treatment we use bone-forming and bone-substitute materials which support the regeneration of bone tissue. The dentist cuts the gums and exposes the bone, then introduces appropriate materials which are covered with a protective coating for the time of regeneration.

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