Laser treatments

Laser procedures are performed with the Biolase epicX laser.

Laser surgical procedures are much more comfortable for the patient, do not cause bleeding and do not require stitches. Tissue healing progresses quickly and is not burdensome. Photodisinfection procedures can be performed even in hard-to-reach areas.

It is possible to disinfect root surfaces deep in periodontal pockets in patients with periodontopathies, as well as the implant surface if it has been exposed.

Laser teeth whitening is a procedure which uses the ability to activate the whitening preparation without the necessity to use strong whitening agents. In this way we reduce post-treatment hypersensitivity practically to zero and we prevent chemical damage to the tissues.

Laser light can also be used in stimulation of tissue healing after surgery, and in the treatment of inflammatory conditions such as herpes or aphthae.

As far as pain treatment is concerned, we can support patients with impaired healing after tooth extraction, pain in the muscles and temporomandibular joints, toothache after the application of braces and tooth hypersensitivity to various stimuli.

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